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Clearly the best invention ever! A Remote Start compliments any vehicle. Once you have one, you will never own another car without one! Think of freezing rain with doors frozen shut, under 1 inch of ice while you’re late for work. Think about 35 degrees above plus humidex in the shade, and the windows are closed. Think of you inside freezing, or melting. Was that you this morning? Did you drive past one of our customers? Was that the person you saw smiling for no good reason?

Let’s give you some options to consider, shall we?


All vehicles now have some sort of anti-theft device, some “kink” such as OEM Keyless Entry that stops working while the engine is running…Something. OEM alarm systems and power door locks need to be integrated, and are computerized in most newer vehicles.

In 2020 and beyond, the new technology of remote start units are digital. They connect directly into vehicle computer systems to start the engine and control convenience features, rather than manually manipulating the vehicle’s circuitry. Digital remote start units start at $449.95 plus tax, and that price includes installation, two 1-way remote controls that have 3500’ range (about 1km), and a lifetime warranty on programing and from manufacturer defect.

We ALWAYS recommend a remote start unit that includes additional remote controls, for several important reasons. Although many newer vehicles can have a digital remote start integrated into the existing key fob (press LOCK three times to start, or 3 lock-start), the range of the OEM remote limits the operation of the “remote” starter, usually to about 50 feet. This may work fine from your front door to your driveway, but is useless when you try to use it from your bedroom, office, or as you leave a grocery store. You may as well be right next to the vehicle to use the system. Additionally, many vehicles are programmed to deactivate the OEM remote control once the engine is running, so you don’t start the car with a key and go back into your home, locking the doors with the remote control. The design from the manufacturer is put in place to prevent your car from being targeted for theft. This means that if you DO start your car from the OEM remote, and the engine is running, you can’t use the remote to unlock the doors and get inside (although you can stand next to the car and watch it run for the full 15-minute run-time, then get in). Don’t count on using your key to manually unlock your door, especially if you haven’t lubricated the lock in the past while… All door cylinders seize eventually.

Because our units include two 1-way remote controls and a long-range antenna, they generally have a higher price tag over our competitors. We feel that selling you the correct unit with the correct accessories is important. Imagine buying a new TV and learning it didn’t come with a remote control only after you get it home!

1-Way remote controls send your command in one direction – from the remote to your vehicle. This suits most people as they are generally within sight or walking distance from their vehicle.

2-way remote controls are available as an upgrade, $65 per remote, although most people only upgrade one of the remotes because there is usually only one principal driver of the vehicle. A 2-Way remote sends your command to the vehicle, and then receives a confirmation back from the vehicle, so you know your engine is running, your doors are locked, and how much run-time is left on the remote starter, even if the vehicle is out of your line of sight.

Some older vehicles are better suited to Analogue Remote Start units. These units connect into the circuitry of vehicles, and manually apply signals down the wires to manipulate the vehicle into starting, locking or unlocking the doors, or opening the trunk. If you are looking for a less expensive solution for remote start, we recommend the Canadian Tire AutoStart and ProStart line. These units are often less expensive and are frequently on sale. They come with 1 remote, 3000’ range, and a 3 year warranty. Installation varies from vehicle to vehicle, starting at $110 and up plus tax. We will gladly install these units for you, and they aren’t bad…they just aren’t as advanced as ours!

If you would like to know which unit would be best for your vehicle and application, feel free to CONTACT US, and we’ll gladly make the most appropriate recommendation for your vehicle based upon year, make and model. Our goal is to help steer you into a suitable remote start solution that will be reliable for years to come, but without you paying more than you need to, or being disappointed by under-performance.

We can add a CELL PHONE CONTROLLER to almost any remote starter unit. Our cell receivers connect directly into the installed remote starter, and allow you to use your smartphone or tablet to control the vehicle from anywhere on the planet, provided your device has cell or WiFi coverage. The cell receiver runs on an obscure data-only network (not a major carrier) that exists in populated areas of Ontario and Quebec, and it does not have monthly or yearly coverage fees.

Note the following: We do not recommend the cell unit as a full replacement for remote controls. The cell unit is only 95% reliable. Much like sending texts or emails on your smartphone isn’t 100% reliable, sometimes the commands don’t get through, or are delayed. Because we have experienced this ourselves, we feel it’s prudent to inform you of this before you purchase, so you aren’t inclined to return in the future believing your unit may be defective. The coverage area has dead-zones, such as indoor parking garages, Algonquin Park, and Gatineau Park. It will not work if the vehicle is outside of Ontario or Quebec. For all of these reasons, we always sell our remote starters with reliable remote controls, and recommend the cell unit as an addition to compliment the system, never as the ultimate solution to going without remotes.

You can see the cell unit coverage map HERE.


The NEW "basic"
Installed, automatic transmission only, select vehicles only.
starting at $349.95
The Standard Starter
Installed, automatic transmission, add $65 for manual transmission.
starting at $449.95
The 2-way
Installed, automatic transmission, add $65 for manual transmission.
starting at $685.95
The Combo Alarm starting at $785.95 Each
The Smartphone Option
Dependant on selected options. Please call for more information.
range from $289 to $450


If your remote starter isn’t behaving as expected, usually that means a feature has been activated. Find your manual below, to see all of the features for your remote starter.

iDataStart HC modelsProStart CT-4211ProStart CT-4311CM-7200DC3


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