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Canadian Comfort Package Sale: 2 HEATED SEATS and a REMOTE CAR STARTER

**Most makes and models, Some vehicles require extra parts and/or labour. Additional charges may apply.
***Automatic transmission vehicles with KEY start. Others may require additional parts and labor. Additional charges may apply.

Another hard day at work is finally over. As you walk out to your car, you bundle up your jacket. It sure has gotten cold out, and it looks like it may rain. It’s damp and chilly and just not so pleasant. You climb into your car, start your engine and turn the heater dial all the way to the red. Burrr! That cold can get right into your bones! As you pull out into traffic you realize that you’re going nowhere fast and that engine just isn’t warming up. You reach down to the side of the seat and touch a button. Within 30 seconds you start to feel it and within a minute you catch yourself settling in as your seat warms up. How relaxing! Best of all, you didn’t have to buy an outrageously priced luxury car to have this experience.

You had heated seats installed on your car, and you couldn’t imagine going without!

Heated seats can be installed on any car big, small, old or new. Commuter cars save you money on gas and insurance but that doesn’t mean you should be uncomfortable while you drive. Some cars come with leather seats which hold the cold forever, but somehow the  designers overlooked Canadian Winter…

When your seat is built in the factory it starts as a  skeleton. Imagine a tubular frame together with springs, wires and all sorts of oddly shaped metal. A pre-formed foam pad sits on top of this frame, and then the fabric is stretched over it all and clipped into place. Voila! Your seat! But it’s missing something…

 STARTING at $350 installed with a 5 year warranty!

A heated seat pad is a strip of cloth containing ceramic elements. When power is applied, an electrical current is passed through the element, but it doesn’t pass as freely as it would down a copper wire. The resulting resistance of this flow of power generates heat much like your kitchen toaster, but not as severe. A sensor detects the temperature being generated, and controls the amount of current flowing in order to maintain a proper temperature.

These pads are placed in between the foam of your seat and the fabric or leather. There are 2 pads installed per seat—one in the backrest and one on the bottom.

The results using this method are excellent. No added material or padding can be detected. Most importantly, you haven’t added in some sort of seat cover obscuring your seat fabric or possibly causing you danger by changing your “safe seating” location.

Some aftermarket seat pads plug into the lighter socket which not only leaves you unable to charge your cell phone, but could leave you with a dead battery in your car if you forget to unplug them. That’s not very convenient. Our seat pads are independently wired to the battery, turn on and off with your engine and are  properly fused to protect you and your car.

Any seat, in any car, can have a Heated Seat system installed. There are no limitations, but are challenges. In the past we have installed heated seats in boats, RV’s, vehicles with folding seats, minivans with hiding seats, full sized vans with bench seats and so on.

You don’t have to be symmetrical. Just because you have one installed in your driver’s seat it doesn’t mean that you must have one in your passenger seat, although your passengers may not appreciate sitting cold and admiring your comfort! We can install heated seats into one, two, three, or even eight seats. Why not equip your bus? Bench seats, bucket seats and removable seats can all be heated.

We sell high quality Heated Seats by:

Rostra Precision Controls

Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services. Whether you drive a passenger car or medium sized truck or SUV, our mechanics strive to ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best.


Single Heated seat (some models) $250.00
Single Heated seat (most models) $350.00
Driver and Passenger Heated seats $600.00
Other combinations available Contact for quote


  • How are Heated Seats installed?

    Installation requires that your seat fabric be removed and reinstalled as the pads are placed under the surface. This takes patience and time. Expect that we will need your car for a full day.

  • Will Heated Seats interfere with my warranty?

    No vehicle warranty can be voided due to added on accessories, however should damage occur to the vehicle or its electrical system as a result of an installation your dealer will not be held liable. The installation company involved will be liable and therefore MUST be licensed. Ask for referrals before committing to anything.

  • What is the warranty on Heated Seats?

    We guarantee our Heated Seats for 3 years/60 000 km—parts and labor. Many Heated Seat systems available are of OEM design and may be guaranteed for up to 5 years/100000 km.

  • I think I can get something similar for less elsewhere.

    Use extreme caution when shopping for Heated Seats. Inexpensive pads can wear quickly or generate “HOT SPOTS”. Poor installation could result in fire. If someone quotes you a low price  be cautious of product quality and installation quality.

  • I trust my mechanic. Can’t he install something for me?

    Any good mechanic will answer that themselves with a solid NO. They’re experts on vehicle maintenance and repair. Their specialty is not wiring. They could do it, with time…but they generally recommend a company such as ours that has the experience you can depend on for years to come.

  • Will the switch look different than a factory part?

    In most cases the answer is yes. Occasionally an OEM switch can be used if one is available and compatible, for an extra charge.

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