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Why does my mechanic think Xenon is the way to go? Why do that guy’s headlights blind me?

Have you ever driven down a road squinting your eyes in the darkness, looking for deer and other creatures lurking in the ditch only to be confronted by a vehicle that has DAZZLING headlights? That can be you! Why would you turn a blind eye to seeing properly at night?

HID is an acronym for High Intensity Discharge. HID conversion kits refer to a combination of bulbs and ballasts that convert vehicles operating with regular halogen bulbs to HID Xenon Lighting technology. This technology has been used for many years in higher end vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc. Standard halogen bulbs ‘burn’ a filament inside the bulb to produce light. The bigger the ‘burn’, the more light you get. Unfortunately, this also produces more heat & draws more power. Our HID conversion kits use the latest  lighting technology to produce substantially more light efficiently. Our conversion kits draw less power (only 35W) yet produce 3 times more light than a standard halogen bulb. The HID market is divided into 2 general groups: 1) those looking for cosmetic upgrades for their vehicles and 2) those who have difficulties seeing at night while driving.

How does it work?

The ballasts included in our HID conversion kit converts the 12V DC and 35W draw (approximately 20W less than your halogen bulb) from your vehicle’s light bulb plug to approximately 23,000V AC. This power is then used to create an arc of electricity in the specially designed HID bulbs. This arc of electricity ignites the Xenon gas in the bulb, and in turn creates an intense light source similar to that of the Sun. Because the light is created by an arc of electricity, and not from ‘burning’ a filament, the heat created by the light is substantially less than that of a standard halogen bulb.

But…my Mechanic says…

“Expensive light bulbs are just as good.” Your Mechanic is not an Electrical expert, they are a Mechanic. They are trained to repair mechanical components, not electrical components. Every profession has specialties, some Mechanics specialize in European cars, some specialize in engines, it’s important to ensure you are collecting your information from the subject matter experts.

Xenon is just a brand. Xenon is a good description for a good Halogen bulb, but that’s what you already have right now isn’t it? Halogen bulbs? Xenon may indeed be better, but you won’t see the difference. Don’t take our word for it! Demand that your retailer allows you to take a weekend test drive with the product they offer! See the difference yourself!

We sell true to life, American made HID systems and we sell them installed!

All of our bulbs are 6000k temperature – white!  This is what you see as you pass an oncoming luxury car. We do not fulfill requests for “more blue light” upwards of 13000K.

The bulb bases are made of steel, not plastic. Another sign of quality manufacturing.

Our ballasts are super slim, digital, as a standard and not an option. This increases your bulb life by up to 1000%!

If your vehicle uses single-bulb high/low beam bulbs: High beam lights are included in the price of the low beam conversion and are also HID. We do not sell HID low beam bulbs supplemented with Halogen High beams.

If your vehicle uses separate high and low beam bulbs: You will need two basic kits to complete your installation. We will quote you on a price for both kits, and only both kits. We will offer a kit for your fog lights if you have them.

In other words…We won’t sell cheap copies, we won’t do things halfway, and we won’t sell you discount imitation products.
We will sell you the best product we can get, from the best people we have found, and we will stand behind it. Expect to pay more. Expect it to last!

Send us an email with your vehicle specifications so we can respond with a realistic quote.


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