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We only sell good quality equipment at a fair price, We do not sell cheap, easily recognized name brands that don’t last or are outdated by the following year.

Although we do install radios, speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers, our focus is on good quality sound. We want to take your car, your sound stage, and turn it into something beautiful. Our goal is to acoustically couple your audio system into your car to make them both work as one rather than slap in some new parts and call it magic.

A decade ago, we were installing CD players into cars at the rate of 6 to 8 units a day. These days people are happy with the radio their car was born with and rightfully so! Auto manufacturers have made their newer radios so much better…but the speakers still lack performance, and distort when higher volume levels are used.

People want ipods, ipods and MP3 players to work seamlessly and we can make that happen. People want BlueTooth not just for hands free operation, but to stream A2DP music without wires. People know that the cheap speakers that hide in their doors are basic and perform as such, so they want to upgrade, and that’s where we come in!

We don’t just jump into your car and bolt in new parts. Just like a kitchen renovation in your home, a good car stereo system needs to be planned out from the front to the back, and this process can take a week or more before a tool box is ever opened. We sit down with you and plan the job from front to back with your budget in mind ensuring you that you wind up with the stereo you want and not the stereo you got and are not satisfied with.

We use parts that no one else offers in order to ensure that the equipment you buy gets used to its full potential. What’s the point in having a 300 watt subwoofer and a 1000 watt amplifier when a matching 250 watt set properly installed and acoustically coupled will outperform? We baffle our speakers, we custom build our subwoofer enclosures, and we’re not afraid to use sound deadening materials when they are needed. We are not afraid to say no to a customer if they suggest shortcuts to save money, but we’re not afraid to help save money if the idea holds little merit.

Give us a call for a consultation, and we’ll show you the potential you have but are missing out on!

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